Tassy and Ian learned right away that by connecting privileged and poor individuals on a personal level, incredible relationships can evolve that change both lives. Today, this is at the heart of our mission. The 1:1 Campaign matches each individual we serve in Haiti with someone like you. Then, you commit to monthly support and promise to stay in touch with the individual you sponsor (don’t worry, we’ll help). In turn, you’ll receive exclusive updates and communications from your family member and be kept up to date with the important life milestones and accomplishments your gift makes possible.

The goal for us is always a dignified job. Once we help the person you sponsor get there, we will offer both of you the ability to shift your resources and their experience to another individual new to our network. That’s it. You can alter the future for somebody just like Tassy and start a relationship that just might change your life for what you might spend on coffee. Welcome to the Team.

To get started, complete the two-step set up process below. We’ll connect you with your family member within the week.

If your workplace has a matching program, let’s double your investment today. Contact Christina@TeamTassy.org.

Team Tassy is a registered 501c3. All US-based monthly contribution are tax deductible.