Our community borders Haiti’s largest landfill, where families rely on waste collection as a primary source of income and often face the difficult choice of involving children in this work in order to ensure the security and well-being of the family. These income generating opportunities are anchored by our sister company, Thread, who transforms waste from countries like Haiti into products people love.

Instead of eliminating the income generating opportunities desperately needed by the families, Thread has created a joint partnership with Team Tassy, Timberland, HP, and ACOP to address the issue of undignified and child labor in the supply chain. We call this the First Mile Coalition (FMC).

As a partner, Team Tassy is leading the efforts on the ground to provide services to some 300 Haitian children – with access to medical care, educational opportunities, safety workshops and supplies, and job training and placement in the future. Read our announcement on our blog.

Accompany our families in the #firstmile as a 1:1 sponsor with a monthly investment or join us with a one-time donation. Both options can be accessed below.

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