Next gen 2

Accompany our next generation of kids to good, dignified jobs by engaging your school with our Hats for Haiti program. Team Tassy super volunteer Jackie Jaros started this program as a way to get her students to start thinking globally. Read her blog post about this.

It’s a simple way to make a big impact. Bring a dollar to your school to wear a hat. The money goes to Team Tassy and your school can get its style on. We’ll even come speak at your school so that everyone can understand where the funds are going. We also have a resource kit that has everything you’ll need to host a successful Hats for Haiti day at your school.

Help us get 20 schools wearing hats for Haiti in 2012. Deer Lakes Middle School was the first school that got involved. Can we add your school to the list? If so, email Jackie at and request a resource kit today.

To get you started, here are seven easy steps to your own Hats for Haiti day at your school.

  1. GETTING STARTED: If you’re a student, find an adult at your school to serve as an advisor for your project. Talk to your Student Council, National Honor Society, Interact Club, Key Club…,etc. and find a group to take charge of the project. If you’re an adult, find a student group to work with you.
  2. ENGAGE YOUR ORGANIZERS: Make your group or organization aware of the mission of Team Tassy. You’ll be able to find information on this website or you can show one of the videos on our YouTube channel.
  3. REQUEST PERMISSION: Gain permission from your school administration to hold a Hats for Haiti Day. Write a letter to gain permission and fill out any necessary paperwork required by the school to sponsor a service fundraiser.
  4. SET YOUR DATE(S): Set a date(s) for your Hats for Haiti Day. We encourage more than one date so that everyone has a chance to get involved. Some schools will select one date a month or semester so that the host can plan ahead to advertise the date(s).
  5. ADVERTISE: ADVERTISE! ADVERTISE! ADVERTISE! Text blasts, posters, announcements, assemblies, students talking to each other in the cafeteria, Facebook posts, tweets…,etc. Let students and staff know all about Team Tassy, Hats for Haiti, and how they can get involved.
  6. SEND A REMINDER: On the day prior to the event, remind all students and staff to bring their $1 and to wear a hat. Also, provide teachers with an image of the stamp used for proof of the payment.
  7. WEAR A HAT AND COLLECT $1: On the day of the event, collect $1 from each participant and stamp the hand of each student participant. This stamp will let teachers know that the student has paid their $1 and they have permission to wear a hat for the day. Collect the payment first thing in the morning, before school starts, and use your cafeteria or gymnasium as a collection site. For elementary schools, pre-schools, or day cares, provide students with an envelope with Team Tassy printed on it. Envelopes can then be sent home with students and returned with money on the day of the event. Teachers can collect the envelopes from the students on the day of the event.