Tassy Pic1

Tassy started it all. In 2010, our founder Ian Rosenberger met Tassy while in Haiti. Tassy was suffering from a life threatening, tennis ball sized tumor on his face.

With the help of friends and donors, Ian and his team raised enough funds for Tassy to come to Pittsburgh for a series of surgeries to remove his tumor. The surgeries were a success!

Now Tassy is looking forward to making a lasting contribution to his community in Haiti. He is currently spending the summer in Haiti as an intern for Team Tassy, working with our families in the hope of helping them achieve a healthy and happy future.

Team Tassy’s next goal is to secure Tassy’s mother with work placement so that she can continue to support Tassy’s brothers and sisters in Port au Prince. Tassy’s success inspires our team to continue our work to help other children and their families end the cycle of poverty.