The Erony Family

alexandre's family_cropped

Gemima, a 17 year old girl suffering from cancer, came to us in 2011 for help. While her family was at her hospital bedside, someone broke into the barbershop business run by Gemima’s brother-in-law Alexandre and stole all of their equipment. The shop was the family’s livelihood. They were already financially strained from Gemima’s medical bills so they had no way of replacing the stolen equipment and repairing the damage to their shop.

Team Tassy provided Alexandre and his family with a zero interest loan so that they could rebuild. He was able to get the business back up and running within one week. Team Tassy also set Alexandre up with an adviser from Haitian Partners for Christian Development, an organization that specializes in mentoring Haitian entrepreneurs interested in growing their businesses. Now that Alexandre can generate a steady income, the family will be able to address their other monthly expenses and debt.

During that time, the family was not able to afford to pay for Gemima’s sister Dina’s education. Team Tassy assisted the family by making sure that Dina would be able to continue with her studies.

The Erony family has a bright future ahead and the Team is looking forward to getting haircuts at Alexandre’s barbershop on future trips!