Run Across Haiti

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The Run Across Haiti is an annual ultra-marathon we organize to show Haiti is not a place to be feared or to be pitied, and to raise funds to support our work to end poverty through good, dignified jobs. It’s one of the hardest adventure runs in the world coupled with the best summer camp ever. 

Watch our documentary produced by The North Face to get a feel for yourself.

The route is tough, 230 miles split it up in 7 days. We run over two mountain ranges, on the roads parallel to miles of rice paddies in the valley, in sweltering heat, through traffic and markets. We do it for our families and to show that Haiti has much to invest in. Twenty runners joined us in 2016 to raise over $160,000 for our families.

RAH team

With views like this, who can say no?

How can you say no to this

Run the full 230 miles or join a relay team. We’re looking for strong runners with the best heart to join our 2017 team. Apply Today!

Want to crew?

You’re more of a pass the water and towel and enjoy the adventure kind of person? Join our crew. Positions and applications will be posted soon.

It's about our families, about Haiti, about ending poverty with dignified jobs.

The funds raised allow us to accompany family members like Marc Noel out of poverty. Watch Team Tassy founder Ian Rosenberger’s Ted Talk about our journey with Marc Noel. Today, Marc Noel is a tap tap driver and small business owner who’s able to put food on the table for his family. Next up? He’s created a driving program to share his employable skills with other Team Tassy family members who will have a shot at working for the 2017 Run Across Haiti.

Let’s do this.

Who's ready?

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