Meet Christina

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest team member to you! Meet Christina Marsico.

Christina Marsico is our Manager of Engagement & Partnerships, a new role created here at Team Tassy to better connect our supporters with our families in Haiti.  Christina has been involved with the organization since 2012 as a core volunteer for the Pittsburgh Great American Water Balloon Fight while having also support other Team Tassy events. She’s undoubtedly been one of our strongest advocates. She has also traveled to Haiti to work with our families first hand.

Christina was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and received her B.A. in Marketing from Duquesne University. Shortly after graduating, she realized her attraction to a fast paced and collaborative environment. She spent almost four years with a Pittsburgh based start-up where she was ingrained with the value of hard work and independence. She loves surrounding herself around true innovators with a passion for their meaningful work, hence her involvement and dedication to Team Tassy. Christina’s positivity and warm energy is contagious, making her a true talent in working with people and bringing out the best in everyone.

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Here’s Christina in Haiti during her trip with Team Tassy!


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