End poverty by breaking the dress code

Introducing Hats for Haiti

Hello! My name is Jackie, and I am working with Team Tassy as the Volunteer Coordinator for Hats for Haiti. I am a guidance counselor and a co-director for a leadership camp. It is a pleasure for me to reach out and help those in need.  Team Tassy has afforded me the opportunity to reach beyond the boundaries of my own community and interact with lots of wonderful people to work towards the goal of eliminating global poverty…one dollar at a time…one hat at a time.

The Hats for Haiti project got its start back in 2010 after the earthquake that devastated Haiti. As a middle school student council advisor, I wanted to teach my students about how to think locally and act globally…and that is how Hats for Haiti was born. I wanted for the kids to contribute to a worthwhile effort in a way that would be fun and interesting to them. Kids love to have the chance to break the dress code and wear a hat for a day. They were glad to pay the dollar…and we were beginning to teach our students to help those in need beyond their own neighborhood.

Last year, Deer Lakes Middle School raised $518 for Team Tassy over 3 months. The students were proud of their efforts and looked forward to giving their dollar. Many kids would often ask me when the next day to contribute would be and if it was okay to bring more than one dollar. We used one of our anti-bullying classes that focused on decision making to show the kids a clip from a local TV newscast that talked about Team Tassy. When they saw the faces of the kids in need and heard Tassy’s story, every kid was eager to make a contribution. They are amazed to know that a small contribution can mean so much to a family in Haiti. Teachers, administrators, and students alike give generously each month. Seeing those hats on students come through the door once a month ALWAYS makes me smile.

It is so exciting to take Hats for Haiti to the next level. We are hoping to get 20 new schools involved in this project during the 2012-2013 school year. Team Tassy has been out to schools and conferences talking to students and advisors about bringing the Hats for Haiti effort to their school. There is a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. If you have an interest in bringing Hats for Haiti to your school or organization, please contact Team Tassy at jointhefight@teamtassy.org, and we can send you one of our resource packets and get the program up and running at your school in no time.

It is so easy to get Hats for Haiti started in any school. There are 7 simple steps to follow: find an adult at school to serve as a sponsor, share the mission of Team Tassy with your group’s members, get permission from the administration to host a Hats for Haiti Day, set a date(s) for your event (once a month, once a semester, once a year), advertise a week or two before the event, the day prior to the event, remind students and staff to bring their dollar, and host the event and collect those dollars for Team Tassy…every dollar makes a difference.

Hope to see your school sporting a hat in the near future,


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