‘Going Deep’ in 2013

In 2012, we spent a great deal of time listening to our families, testing out new strategies, refining our model and then repeating the process until we got it right. Even now, we continue to listen, test, and refine and will repeat this process until we get it right for every family we work with. We have learned that only through engaging our families, working side by side along with them, and being a learning community will we begin to move the needle on eliminating abject poverty.

Through listening to our families, we learn that in order to really pull them out of poverty fully and completely, the communities in which they live in must also have the opportunity to thrive. This is why we’re going to ‘go deep’ in 2013. We plan to spend this year ensuring that our current six families are job-ready while expanding our work into Menelas, where the Admes lives. Our team chose to expand our work in Menelas because it’s one of the poorest neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince. Its proximity to the future site of the Thread factory will also provide easy access to future jobs. Menelas was built on a grid system, a set-up that will allow us to clearly measure our impact and easily work with the approximately 500 families (3,000 people) that live there. Here, we’ll repeat our proven process – listen, test, and refine – ensuring that the voices of our families are heard and are accounted for every step of the way. We’ll begin by doing a needs assessment, asking our new families what it is they need to get out of the hole and succeed at a job. The outcome of this process will allow us to provide services on a larger scale which will help to drive down costs and increase efficiencies so that we can serve more communities, and serve them well.

We’re beyond excited to begin to concentrate our resources in one community. It is our commitment to continue to listen to our families, to test jointly-created solutions, and to refine our model until we get it right completely by our families. It is only by coming up with solutions together on the very issues that affect the families that we serve can we succeed in lifting an entire community out of poverty. By ‘going deep,’ we will help families pull themselves out of poverty one family member at a time, one block at a time, and one community at a time. Will you join us?

– Vivien

(Pictured above is a shot of Menelas, Haiti on Google map.)

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