Menelas Jodia, Menelas Demen


Pascal and Shelove share their ideas about the future of Menelas in a community mapping workshop on Sunday.

Greetings everyone! In 2014, we launched a youth program with the goal of helping our Team Tassy kids learn English and explore career paths. The curriculum is rooted in identifying and developing personal strengths to channel into work skills for the future. Our students aspire to careers in medicine, diplomacy, music, engineering, software development, tourism, politics, and astrology.

How do we get there?

Through the support of a peer-to-peer network within the community, Team Tassy youth will empower their futures through increased access to education and job resources. Program sessions facilitate English language learning and support youth development in areas of goal setting and career planning. Already we are witnessing blossoming friendships and increased confidence in our students. We are very grateful to our volunteer instructor, Celete Kato, our parent volunteers, and Hopital Fontaine for lending us space in the community.


Last month, community members came together to map out strengths, challenges, and future visions for Menelas. The workshop commenced with an open format discussion between youth and adults and led to a vision board exercise that highlighted aspirations for the community. Some visions include paved roads, greater access to clean water, and a community center. We will continue to facilitate these kinds of workshops for future initiatives.

Parents also participated in a family budget workshop, and our students provided valuable feedback on the progress of the youth program during one-on-one sessions.


“Before the program, I was a pessimist. I did not think anything would change. Now, I’m an optimist. I can see my future.” – Dony, 15.


“In English class at school, we learn theory. In youth program, we learn theory and practice.” – Woosderson, 16.


“I want to make time everyday to meet up with each other. If we bring our heads together, we can see what our dreams are for ourselves and for Menelas.” – Fritzlene, 18.

Upcoming event in April: second job fair workshop. Our students will have a discussion with Haitian professionals in their fields of interest.

– Cat, Project Assistant


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