Run Across Haiti: Final Run from Josh

Sunday’s run was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. After Saturday’s lasagna dinner, we all went to sleep around8pm, my alarm went off less then 3 hours later. By 11:30pm I had my blisters taped up, headlamp on, and a few cups of black coffee in my system. We were off and running before 1am. The next 12 hours were spent trekking 56 miles until we reached the ocean in Jacmel.

This was the first time I had ever run through the night and it was quite an experience. Running through the dark for hours can wear you out mentally. There are no distractions such as interesting scenery or people to say “hello/bonjour” to, just darkness and the occasional glowing eyes of a stray animal.

The sun began to rise around as we began our accent up an incredibly challenging mountain. The next 18 miles were spent running uphill until we reached the peak of the mountain. The daylight illuminated the most beautful valleys, cliffs, and tiny mountain villages. By 10am the churches were full of locals in their Sunday bests, as the sounds of choirs and organs echoed throughout the morning. The miles running down the mountain flew by. For the first time, I could see the finish line. The entire team regrouped at the bottom of the mountain and walked the final mile to the ocean together.

My flight landed about 24 hours ago in NYC and I’m just beginning to process what our team accomplished. While in Haiti, my time was spent living in the moment; putting one foot in front of the other, while a country unfolded before my eyes. Today was the first time since beginning this journey, where I began to reflect on how I managed to run 230 miles across Haiti, from Cap Haitian to Jacmel.

The only way I was able to arrive at the finish line was by starting. This mentality is something I will continue to carry throughout my life. Planning, preparing, and theorizing are important, but they don’t actually get you anywhere. The only way to accomplish something is by empowering yourself and simply starting.

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