Run Across Haiti: Final Run from Kelsey

An Open Love Letter To the Crew

Run Across Haiti Crew,
I feel like my family has suddenly dispersed across the country. While I’m happy to back in my Pittsburgh apartment, sleeping in my own bed, it is so strange to suddenly have so much time alone. It was so special to be part of the first group to do this – and I owe my life, well being, and general sanity over these past 10 days to each of you.
Ian – Despite all of the times we looked at each other wondering what on earth made us think this run was a good idea last summer, this was one of the best adventures of my life. Keep pushing me to do crazy shit. I’ll follow you just about anywhere at this point. Except Antarctica. I draw the line at Antarctica.
Viv – I have admired you for years, from back way back when we first met in the Pittsburgh non profit scene. I am so glad that Team Tassy has given us the chance to become real friends. Thank you for your drive, ambition, and refusal to settle. The logistics of an event like this are overwhelming, and it ran smoothly thanks to your leadership. Thank you for making this experience possible for me. Thank you also for keeping me sane during the death march up the mountain into Jacmel. I would have quit 3 times if you weren’t there.
Justin – I cannot believe that you were handed car keys your first day in Haiti and started driving mere hours after landing in Port-au-Prince. Your unending cheerfulness – even while you were sick – every time I pulled into a check point was refreshing and necessary. Listening to you and Ian communicate via walkie talkie was one of the high lights of the trip.
Ernie – Thank you for taking this trip and giving so much of your time and energy to supporting our crew. Your outlooks and philosophy on life are refreshing. Your laughter is contagious.
Raashi – Your energy and ability to never stop smiling is inspiring. Thank you for forcing us to blog through out the week. I was too tired be focused on recording much of this while it was happening, but know I will be grateful for all the times you came up to me with your laptop asking, “Hey Kelsey, wanna blog?” I am so glad you were there.
Andrew and Taylor – You guys were the best roommates! Having the opportunity to watch you work was awesome. Seeing the race and Haiti through your perspective was a treat. Thank you so much for bringing your talent, creativity, and passion to this endeavor. Thanks for the great late night talks about Haiti, sad trash photos, relationships, and everything in between. I can’t wait to run into you both again, because I know it will be somewhere cool.
Wenly and Jules – This never would have happened without you. You’re already doing great work for Team Tassy, and to balance those responsibilities while being on this trip couldn’t have always been easy. Thanks for all the translation, for answering all of our questions, and for being generally amazing. See you guys again soon.
Sean – I am so impressed with how you tackled this challenge. Even after all of your insistence that you wouldn’t be taking on the last 56 mile day, you did and finished strong. Walking into the finish line with you was a highlight. Your family must be so proud.
Owen – Man, what has to happen to piss you off? We drive off leaving you behind at one of the starting points, you get injured with only 35k left in a 230 mile race, and you finish the damn thing in a brace still as smily and happy as ever. You inspired me daily on this race. Keep being awesome.
Josh – Thank you for letting me pace myself behind you on those long, hot, never ending miles. Thank you for bringing a guitar and leading sing-a-longs truly making this feel like summer camp. Thank you for loving absolutely every aspect of this thing, especially when things were hard.
Tony – I don’t even know how to say how grateful I am you were there leading support. Somehow, you found more Gatorade, beef jerky, and cashews then I knew existed in the country of Haiti. Thank you for gifting me with a Prestige after I ran with a fever. Thank you for keeping us all together, and safe, the entire time.
Steve – We literally almost had to call this thing off when our original physician fell ill and couldn’t come on this trip. Thank you thank you for popping our blisters, super glueing us back together, handing out Tylenol, and keeping us healthy. I’m so glad this has inspired you to start running. Good luck with training for the NYC marathon!
Eddy – Seeing you bike across those Haitian roads was a joy. Thanks for staying back with me when I was lagging, letting me know that support was always close by. Thanks for bringing treats and support from our friends back home in Pittsburgh – kicking off the day with those reminders was great.
Tassy – I never would have believed that either of us would be running across Haiti when I first met you 4 years ago, but we did it. I’m so glad you were there. Congratulations on being the first Haitian to run across Haiti!
You’re all incredible people. I absolutely cannot wait to see what you take on next.
All my love,

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