Run Across Haiti: Final Run from Sean

I wasn’t sure about running on the last day. I was feeling sick and I never thought there was any way possible I could do the whole 56 miles. I decided to just go ahead and try it to see what happened. We planned to start late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. We got started around 1:00 AM on Sunday. It felt good running as a group just outside of Port-au-Prince. Running with the sun down is a lot easier. We encountered a few people that had been out partying and one of them ran with us for a little while. 

We hit the mountains before the sun came up and it was steep. 18 miles uphill and it seemed like it would never end. I don’t remember at what point I decided to stick it out until the end. As I reached each check point, in the back of my head I thought I could just throw in the towel and say I’m done. As the sun came up and I saw more Haitians I realized that they couldn’t just give up. This was their life. They know none of the comforts I know and everyday is hard for them. Being born poor in Haiti is hard and me running 50+ miles isn’t even close to the difficulties they face in their day to day lives. As the sun came up, it became harder but I had decided I wasn’t stopping until Jacmel. With Gatorade,cool water and snacks provided by our support team, I plodded along and made it to the finish line!
This has been an unforgettable experience and something I will always treasure. Some runs can change your day but these runs have changed my life. Thanks to all my fellow runners, the support team and all of the people who have cheered us on.
Pou Ayiti

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