Experience Haiti with us. Team Tassy families average six members per household, making $30 per month. It’s easy to see that that doesn’t go very far. The idea of ending poverty is overwhelming, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. There’s no better way to get started than to spend a few days in Haiti with us and our families.

Our team is in Haiti once a month and we invite you to be our guest on our next trip and see the impact of providing dignified jobs and training first-hand. Plan your visit by learning about the requirements and what to expect on your trip. Trips start at $750 for 4 days and includes meals and accommodations. Sign up on our Visit Haiti mailing list for our next info session and travel tips.

Ready to sign up for the trip? Register today or sign up for our Visit Haiti mailing list. We will contact you with additional details and help you prep for your trip!

Upcoming Trips:

October 5th-9th, 2017 – Annual Beach Day

November 2017 – TBD

December 14th-17th, 2017 – Year End Celebration

January 11th-15th, 2018

February 16th-25th, 2018 – Run Across Haiti

What to expect:

The key objective on the trip is to listen and learn and to pitch in to support our families. Be sure to keep an open mind and ask questions along the way. You’ll have lot’s of opportunity to interact with our families and our partners. We have standing programs managed by our Haitian team and volunteers from the community, they love when travel guests get involved, we’ll plug you right in!

During the trip, you will…

Learn about Team Tassy’s core philosophy of ending poverty with jobs.

Contribute to ending poverty through jobs. See Trip Impact below.

Support our youth program and office hours by working with our students on their English skills.

Have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the Haitian culture through your travel and by engaging with our families.

Your impact…

Direct Impact:Jobs for our local driver, translator, and cooks.

Educational opportunities for our youth and children.

Enhanced quality of life for our families through the distribution of medical and hygiene items.

Funds contributed to Haitian economy.

Indirect Impact:

Families of individuals employed. Our average household in Menelas has 6 family members. Each job will lead to an indirect impact to 6 family members.

Youth and children teach what they learn to their siblings.

Funds for medical and hygiene items redirected to job training and other needs.

Every dollar spent in the tourism industry generates $1.6 in local value.

Flight tips, pack list, pre-trip checklist, vaccination info and more provided to registered guests or upon request.

Contact us with any questions.