Great American Water Balloon Fight

The 2013 Great American Water Balloon Fight™ is here! Click on the image below to access the official 2013 GAWBF™ website and sign-up.

You can also take a look at the photos and videos from last year’s event and relive the action!

If you’re not able to attend, feel free to make a donation. All proceeds go towards helping the poor pull themselves out of poverty. #Jointhefight today!

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#jointhefight GAWBF13

About the event:

What’s the only thing cooler than a water balloon fight in downtown Pittsburgh in the heart of the summer? A water balloon fight in downtown Pittsburgh in the heart of the summer that fights global poverty.

Why water balloons? We think that giving and helping should be a joy, so when we sat down to talk about how to involve the community with what we do, we thought of the craziest, most joyous stuff we could. “Water Balloon Fight” topped the list, and now you’re up to speed.

How does it work?

Simple. Participants are divided into four teams in the Splash Zone to unleash 100,000 water balloons. Each team has a celebrity captain to lead its team in battle. Individuals are eligible to purchase more balloons for their own team and do more good. Food trucks, local bands, and the fact that you just participated in the fight against global poverty round up the event.

Sponsorship opportunities:

This event cannot be made possible without our dedicated sponsors. As a sponsor, get ready to receive praises from your staff and clients for getting involved with the most fun fundraiser of all time. You won’t be able to avoid the jealous looks of your peers because they missed out on the opportunity. You’ll receive mentions via our website, social media outlets, radio and tv, news articles, exclusive placement on the day of the event, and more. Don’t wait, let’s talk about 2013 now. Contact Vivien Luk at

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